Corporate Branding

In this day and age, buyers aren’t just buying a product; they’re buying the story that comes with it. They want to support companies and enterprises who do not only have great products, but also great messaging and materials. Businesses need to connect even more with their employees and customers.

Without corporate branding and quality printing, you’re unlikely to make a good first impression on your customers. Many businesses have experienced the reality of customers shrugging off their promotional materials, all because they were designed or printed poorly.

We believe that good marketing relies on your corporate brand and your interaction with customers.

Why is it essential to have effective corporate branding?

Marketing solutions is a big industry for a reason. A significant bulk of any company’s strategy is to differentiate themselves from competitors. Sometimes, this means selling cheaper products. In other cases, it means selling premium products or having a faster and more efficient transaction.

In all cases, effective corporate branding is key to a company’s overall strategy. Setting yourself apart from your competitors serve a wide variety of functions. There are even studies that focus on the importance of corporate brand identity. Branding is a type of promise to customers: this is who you are, this is why you should trust us.

Effective corporate branding allows your customers to identify with you. If you present yourself as an innovator through your printed materials and marketing tools, the innovative and forward-thinking customers are more likely to stay with you. Likewise, showing yourself off as reliable and tested can entice traditionalists and loyalists to become your customers.

Benefits of high quality corporate branding and printing

An excellent corporate marketing and branding strategy has several benefits.

· Catches the eyes of your customers

You can only make a first impression once. Many businesses understand the power of that old saying, which is why they devote significant amount funds in creating a good marketing strategy.

However, businesses need to be careful. It’s possible to catch the eyes of your customers for all the wrong reasons. The Internet can quickly destroy a company’s reputation for making the wrong call on a corporate branding strategy. Because of this, most companies need to rely on an external creative branding and printing team.

· Shows your corporate values

The colours, fonts, logo and other design elements featured on your company’s brochures, business cards, letterheads and other printed materials convey a certain corporate value.

A bold sans serif font can send a different message compared to a cursive name. Designing and printing your materials with the colour red has a different branding message than a design with the colour blue.  

Using corporate branding and printing services to revamp and update your company’s message can go a long way in keeping up with the changing times.

· Proves your consistency and attention to quality

Consistency is key to retain customers. If you present them different printed corporate stationery featuring different logos and branding messages, you run the risk of confusing your customers and alienating them.

You need to reflect your brand message and style consistently. This means the same brand logo and design should be printed on your letterheads, business cards, presentation folders, and envelopes. An inconsistent portfolio will send the wrong message that your business is underprepared or divided.

Hire a capable team for corporate branding and printing services today

You need a team that has a holistic approach. A company like Jennings Print Group could have the capacity and desire to provide all your marketing needs, including in-house design and branding services, and printing on corporate stationery.

Their team is trusted by different companies to get the right message across in terms of design and quality of printing.

A reputable printing company will work with you to truly understand your corporation’s key values and strategies, including what you value and what you stand for. With their team on-board, you can expect high quality corporate branding and printing services along with all your promotional marketing needs.

Location Location Location

We have all heard the term location, location, location used in Real Estate . Well, its just as important in website terms. Location, location, location in reference to websites comes down to the positioning in search engine rankings, that is on the first page and at the top whenever possible. Unfortunately many websites fail miserably in search engine optimisation (SEO), so location, location, location just doesn’t apply. Your website might look fantastic, have all the bells and whistles but lets you down when your potential customers find your competitors first because they have better search engine placement than your website.

Our professional website designers are SEO savvy, their not just self-proclaimed designers who can produce a nice looking website, but real professionals that can design a site that will WOW you & one that your customers will find! Contact us today and we can tell you about how we can design such as website for your business just click here

Boost Your Business Online

Boosting WebsiteHuge opportunities are missed by small business not being online. More than half of Australia’s small businesses don’t have a website.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released in August 2011, big companies have over 95% web presence only 43% on small businesses (less than 20 employees) are online.

How to get started:

  1. Be clear about what your business does. Do you have a clear business plan and marketing strategy? Use this to design a effective website that reflect your business vision and values.
  2. Watch the competition. Don’t wait to be last online. Be a leader and attract more customers to your business. Websites are available to customers and potential customers 24/7.
  3. Use directories to direct traffic to your website. Research and review and directories relevant to your business and get listed.
  4. Use your site to provide your potential customers with specials, discounts and coupons. Make sure you keep this updated by using a website that is easily updated.
  5. Engage potential customers who have accessed your website by retaining their information on your website database. Can they sign up as members for special offers, latest news or a regular newsletter?

Total Marketing Solutions have great website packages that will provide your business with an easy and professional website.

Twitter & Victorian Women in Business Online

American Express have released research that supports that women in business are leading the way in the use of social media. This research shows that 4 out of 10 entrepresneurs trying to build their businesses through social media are women. 45% of women indicated their intentions of using online oppotunities in the next 12 months compared to 33% of men.

The survey which involved more than 1000 small business operators was conducted across Australia.

While many businesses have websites business run by women are more likely to offer services such as Facebook and Twitter to their customers.

Men were found more likely to invest in technology. Only 15% of women said they would buy the latest gadgets in the next year compared to one in five men. It was a similar storey with smartphones. 42% of women had one whilst 57% of men own them.

This research was released along with a new Facebook page for small businesses by American Express.