Google Search Engine Optimisation

Google SEOWhat is the true cost of getting new clients?

Have you ever sat down and worked out what you have spent on advertising, flyer’s, letters and wasted effort in trying to attract new customers. Imagine if you were the very first business your potential customer saw every time they went to buy your product. Wouldn’t that be fantastic. Imagine your conversion rate soar from potential customer to big spender.

Now, lets say they love your product or service and come back time and time again. What is the the true lifetime value of that customer now?

If you are at the top of Google seraches everytime its like being the only shop in the strip. Research shows that less than seven percent of people actual venture past the first page of Google.

Let us show you the secrets behind getting to the top of Google and staying there. Let us show you how to get more qualified clients and rid your business of the tire kickers. Let us show you how we can transform your online marketing to a lead generation dynamo simply, cost effectively and with no obligation.