Imagine If You Could Hand Pick Your Customer

Hand Pick CustomerTraditional advertising be it print or radio really is hit or miss. Attracting an endless stream of tyre kickers wasting your valuable time, your staffs time and more often than not you find you have simply been shopped for a price. The shot gun approach of simply firing pellets into the air hoping to hit something is both ineffective and expensive.

What if you could attract a great customer wanting to buy from you at a fair price at a fraction of the cost of traditional media? What if you could speak directly to a qualified audience around your great service, range or product? What if this customer found you without the need for a sales team? Doesnt that sound like a fantastic opportunity for your business……luckily its here and its simple!

E Marketing enables you to talk directly to a qualified audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels. It is not only painless and simple to do but we can take all the work out of it for you.

Imagine the possibilities, your customers and prospects will be able to explore their individual areas of interest, understand your latest offerings, and have you front of mind when it comes time to buy. All this without you lifting a finger.

At TMS we have developed a unique customer contact system which will enable you to automatically better communicate with your client. This can only lead to increased sales, increased brand loyalty and a more engaged client. Many people think this is too hard but its as simple as typing a letter.