Is Your Website That Important?

Website ImportanceOf the 21 million people in Australia (21,262,641 to be exact) more than 17 million use the internet regularly. That’s almost 81% of the population. And that’s just Australia. If you get your website right, you have access to – wait for it – nearly 2 billion internet users worldwide!

But what if your customers are mainly local? A study commissioned by Prospect Genius revealed…

  • 60% of local searches happen online
  • 82% of those searches result in some form of offline action (phone call, visit to store)
  • Only people with a land-line get phone books and Yellow Pages directories
  • 32.3% of people aged 18-24 do not have a land-line phone

At Total Marketing Solutions we understand sales and marketing. A fantastic website is critical to attract great customers. Let us show you how we can simply and easily build you an affordable, effective and most of all profitable website which will have customers flocking to your door.

In Short, Whether You Want More Local, National Or International Customers, You Must Have An Effective Website.

A local Australian study by Gold Coast Login reveals some shocking news for people who rely on traditional directory advertising such as phone directories. Results showed online searches overtook traditional phone directories in 2008. And the trend is accelerating. In fact, traditional phone directory searches are declining by 10% every year. At a compound rate it’s likely that less than 15% of searches will be done using phone directories by 2015.