Isnt This Just More Hype About The Internet False Promised That Wont Amount To Anything

The internet has become the backbone of our modern society. That’s why the Australian government is making unprecedented investments in internet infrastructure. Of the 21 million people in Australia more than 17 million use the internet regularly. Amazingly, 60% of all local searches now happen online, not in traditional directories. And 82% of online searches result in some sort of offline activity (phone call, visit to store etc).
Each year more and more Australians are abandoning fixed phone-lines and relying solely on mobile phones. In fact, mobile phones – with their advanced internet functionality – are becoming a lifeline for a whole generation.

While some so-called-gurus will always sprout nonsense propaganda about everything including the internet, the truth is, the internet has reached the tipping point in Australia and is now part of our everyday life. And to thrive, you need to capitalize on the opportunities it provides.