Website Design Alpine Shire, Bright, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty

Website Design AlpineWe service the entire North East including the Alpine Shire towns of Bright, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty. Our Account Mangager resides in Myrtleford and can easily come to you at your convenience, just call or visit Total Marketing Solution website.

Of the 109.5 million websites(25.2 billion pages) on the internet less than 1% attracts any real traffic. And when somebody does manage to find your Home Page in the ocean of more than 25.2 billion other web-pages, how long do they stay there? Statistics tell us 17% of visitors spend less than 4 seconds – one, two, three, four – before they click the ‘back button’ and leave most websites for good.

It’s no wonder business owners are disappointed with their websites. Although their websites look good (with a fancy design and lots of ‘bells and whistles’) they fail to live up to expectations. Why?

Many business owners mistakenly believe if they simply build a website, people will find it, click on it, and buy from it.

Don’t just build and hope they come. Let us show you how to get a great website that customers will find before your competitors. Let us show you how!